Friday, July 18, 2008

Masking Fluid

I appreciate your web sites ease of navigation and helpful
information. I am shocked by how much I have forgotten
since 1976. Back in school we used rubber cement as a
masking liquid. Is this not suggested anymore?
Thanks CS

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement! Wow, you
do have a lot to catch up on when it come to the advances
watercolor has made in the art world! How fun! About using
rubber cement as masking: you can still use it but
there are some newer (and thinner) masking fluids available
now that are so much easier to apply. One I particularly like
is the Masque Pen. It comes in a small plastic bottle with it's
own applicator tip so you don’t even have to use a brush to
apply it. Look for it in your local art store and if you don’t
see it there, most online art suppliers carry it.

Thanks for writing! Happy Painting!

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