Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beginning Watercolor DVD

QUESTION: Hi Susie, First of all, I love your paintings!!!!!!!!!! I could only hope to be as great. So, my question! I have just broken out my watercolors after many years and would love to start out with one of your instructional dvd's. What do you suggest that is on a beginner's level? Thank you, Paula Davis

SUSIE'S REPLY: Hi Paula, Welcome back to Watercolor! Many say its like riding a bike --once you re wet your brushes it all comes back. I hope that is true in your case! And thanks for the compliments on my paintings! There are a couple of the DVDs that are not too complicated for re-starters/beginners. Painting Iris and Painting Sentimental Roses take you through the paintings step by step. Beyond the Sunset/ Watercolor Skies is also a good one to start with. If you practice painting skies you have background for several landscapes.

This fall I will have a new elesson available for beginners that includes color mixing, color theory, simple brushstrokes and basic watercolor techniques. It should also serve as a good review for those artist who have been away from their art or who are transferring to watercolor from another medium. Watch my website for its availability.

Enjoy your journey!

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