Sunday, May 2, 2010

What's your brush for painting skies?

Question: Susie, I have your dvd on clouds, which is fantastic. Can you please tell me what brush you use. It looks like it is about 1-1/2 to 2". I bought one, but it is too thin and leave streaks (I paid quite a bit for it). Thanks. Pat
Hi Pat,
The brush I use is a cutter-type brush made from hog bristles (once used by sign painters to “cut” in sharp letters).
The industry stopped making this type brush since most signs are now digitally made. So the brushes were hard to find.
Daniel Smith listened to my plea and started making this brush for me and my classes. They call it the Susie Short chiseled tip watercolor wash brush and they sell them in their catalog and online.
I sell them in my little
artstore too. But the price is better on the DS site since I buy my brushes from them then add a little mark up.

Truth be told I use this brush for 75% or more of almost every painting I do. It’s a good size for all washes and under paintings.
And it’s great for foliage and texture when using dry-brush techniques.

Thanks for writing! And have fun painting those skies!
Keep those brushes wet! Susie