Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Scraping Tool used for Watercolor???

Hello Susie!
I think your work is amazing!
I watched your videos, and stopped at the Watercolor Winter Landscape Card video.
That is absolutely amazing, like everything else you do!
I want to ask you something since, i myself, am a painter; What is the scraping tool you are using? And do you allways wetten your paper before painting with watercolor?
Thank you for sharing you great videos!

Susie's Reply:
Thanks for writing! I appreciate your kind comments.
No, I do not always wet the paper first. Sometimes, when I want to maintain hard edges I paint directly on dry paper. Sometimes I dampen the paper slightly in a small area before I apply my paint.
My scraping tool I’ve used in the video is a plastic card (credit card or gift card) cut into a desirable shape with rounded corners perfect for scraping white trees into wet passages of darker color. Here is a link to two short demos you can print using this tool and technique.
Watch for more videos coming soon in 2013.
Happy Painting!