Saturday, March 20, 2010

Suggestions for Tropical Colors of the Ocean

Question: What colors would you use to get the beautiful colors of the ocean, especially the turquoise tropical waters ? I have the hardest time getting them real ! Thanks so much !

Susie's reply: There are so many beautiful blues and greens available in many brands of watercolors. And when you combine these colors the possibilities are almost endless. My personal favorites for the painting tropical waters include: ultramarine turquoise, cobalt teal, cobalt turquoise, Antwerp, cerulean, manganese blue hue, rich green gold, and veridian. When I use these blues and greens along with the other colors in my palette and allow them to mingle on wet paper I am amazed at the results. I believe one of the secrets is to not over mix these pigments in your palette. When they mingle together on wet paper the results are usually better and anything I can mix up on my own.

I hope that helps! Have fun! Happy painting!

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