Saturday, March 20, 2010

Painting backgrounds - to paint or not to paint?

Question: When painting Flowers, does the Background always have
to be painted; or can it be left white?
Tend to be afraid of doing Backgrounds, as I'm just learning. Lois

Susie's reply: Hi Lois! It's not always necessary to paint the background. It can be left white (unpainted) and still be very striking. Many botanicals are left white. After all, white is a color and just because a background is white doesn't mean that the painting is unfinished.
If you are afraid of doing backgrounds behind the work you've done on the flowers try painting the background first. A background does not have to be dark or detailed, sometimes just a hint of color or texture adds just the right touch.
As with most things we learn to do when painting in watercolor, repeating or practicing will be beneficial to getting over the hurdle as we continue on our painting journey. The more we paint the better we get!
Don't be afraid the to try painting backgrounds, sometimes once you to get the background painted, the painting is half done.
On the same hand don't be afraid to leave your background white. Let it be your artistic choice.... you do have a license!

Happy painting!

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