Saturday, August 16, 2008

Recommended Watercolor Brushes

QUESTION: Hi Susie, I just watched your DVD "Painting Holiday Cards in Watercolor". I really enjoyed this DVD, learned a lot. However, I would like to know what Brand & the sizes of the Round brushes that you used to paint these cards? It would also have been helpful if you could have introduced all the supplies that you used. Thanks for your help. Linda

SUSIE'S REPLY: Hello Linda,
The brushes used on the Holiday Cards DVD were all made by Daniel Smith.
The round aquarelle with the black handle is no longer available. Their replacement for this brush now has a clear handle.

Round Aquarelle
Flat aquarelle
Since I recorded the video Daniel Smith came out with another synthetic brush that has become one of my favorites it’s found on their website as the DS Platinum Series 23 Taklon Multimedia brushes.I use 23-2 round brush in #8, #10 and #12.
The smaller sizes are very good too, but I find that the tips or points of these brushes are so good I don’t need to go smaller for a sharp point to do details. They are inexpensive so I keep several within reach for blending and direct painting. I’m very abusive with my brushes and at this price I don’t mind replacing it when it does wear out or loose its point. (TIP: When it does loose its point it makes a perfect flower petal brush with a brushstroke mark much like a filbert.)
I like this 23- line of brushes in the flats and rounds and script liners (aka riggers).
When you go to the DS site if you put Series 23 in the search box you will get a page with this whole line of synthetic brushes.
The cutter brush I refer to in the video is also been upgraded to my own signature brush available from Daniel Smith.
I hope that helps to answer your brush questions.
Things change so fast in the Art Supplies that are available from year to year. I used the blank Strathmore cards with a deckled edge for all my cards but last year they changed the paper they made them with and now they will not take watercolor. So I’ve switched to the Strathmore Watercolor Cards. They have a cut straight edge but they accept the watercolor and work for painting holiday cards using my techniques. They are thicker and take longer to dry between painting steps.
My palette is filled with Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors but Windsor Newton, Holbein, Graham, American Journey, etc are also good to paint with. The color names vary depending on brand. I’ll be happy to tell you any specifics if you can point them out for me to identify.
Here is a link to my general palette and supply list
Happy Painting!
Keep those brushes wet!

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