Saturday, August 16, 2008

Arranging a Watercolor Palette Layout

QUESTION: Hi Susie, I have a new palette with 32 wells and I don't know where to start or how to arrange the paint in my new palette. Is there a formula or a map or a chart to help with adding colors? Also, is it OK to put more than one color in the same well? Thanks, Mary Y

SUSIE'S REPLY: Hello Mary!
Setting up a new palette can be such fun! I love to see the bright colors of the fresh watercolor paint as I fill each well. But I admit it can be a little intimidating too.
The arrangement of the watercolor paints on your palette will become a personal choice for you as you continue your artistic journey. Possibly even more important than a formula for particular placement is that the watercolor paint be in the same familiar location so you can find it easily without guessing which paint is which while you are painting.
My personal choice is to place my paint in a sort or chromatic arrangement, similar to how the colors fall on the color wheel.
My suggested palette layouts can be found on my web site.
Basic Palette Layout & Expanded Palette Layout

Happy Painting!

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