Friday, February 17, 2012

Metal vs Plastic watercolor palettes

QUESTION: Hi, Susie. I use tube paints and I'm wondering the differences between a metal palette and a plastic palette?  Which one is best?  I would like to keep my paints in the palette
and mist them to re-use the colors.  Any suggestions?   Debby

SUSIE'S REPLY: Debby-- Using the metal enameled butcher type trays for a watercolor palette is a very popular choice. When I began painting in the 60's I had several I used and I loved the extra large mixing areas. I can see how they would be ideal for mixing and pouring paint if you are into that technique. The metal palettes usually don't come with lids to protect the paint between uses.
The plastic palettes come in several shapes and sizes and many do have lids to help keep paints moist between painting sessions. These plastic palettes are lighter for taking with you when traveling back and forth to classes or for painting outside.

Which is best? I think it's a personal choice and it should be based on what works best for you.

My current palettes are the Richeson 22 well plastic palette (with lid) and the 32 well Jones Palette with lid. Both have flat bottom wells and large mixing areas without speedbumps. But those are my personal choices based on my painting style.

Thanks for writing!

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