Sunday, December 4, 2011

Watercolor Brush Question

QUESTION: Brush Question I just purchased your waves video in addition to Painting Sentimental Roses. I want to know exactly what brand and type of Daniel Smith round brushes you used in the painting waves demonstration. Thank you so much!  KW

I use the Daniel Smith Platinum Series 23 Multi-Media Synthetic Round # 10 and #8. Here is a link to the DS site.
They are very reasonability priced so I recommend getting two of each size (#10 and #8) They will last twice as long if you alternate using them.

To some artists it looks like I abuse my brushes...I prefer to say I make them work for me. I scrub and lift and splay the bristles to create textures. If the tip loses its point, these are cheap enough to replace it with a new one and use the worn brush for those rougher techniques.

I do have a couple of sets of brushes on my site for convenience but my supply is very limited. I package my favorites for my students so they can order them when they order the DVDs.
I do mark them up slightly since I don't get much of a discount from DS. You probably get a better price per brush by ordering from DS directly.
Thanks for asking!
Happy Painting!

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