Thursday, September 25, 2008

Transfering a drawing to watercolor paper

Question: How do you transfer a drawing without a light box or window. Do you ever use graphite paper? If so, specifics please on it. Also, do you erase your drawing after you have finished your painting? I have never heard this addressed. Thank you, Linda /CA

There are many types of graphite paper available in art supply stores. If I do use a transfer paper I like the Saral brand the best. Because Saral Transfer Paper is wax free it gives the advantage of erasing like pencil without any smear or smudge.
Some artists like to make their own transfer paper using a graphite stick on tracing paper sealed with lighter fluid.

Do I erase my pencil lines when I finish a painting?
Yes, I do... most of the time. That's because for the most part if I do use a pencil line it's for a guide line or position rather than an edge. My drawing is not intended to be a part of the painting.
That's me ... and my personal preference.
There is nothing wrong with leaving pencil lines in the finished work. There are many great artists who do fantastic line drawings on their paper prior to adding watercolor to their work. Erasing the pencil lines would diminish the impact of their paintings.

For me personally, if I do want to transfer a drawing to my watercolor paper I prefer to use a light box or window rather than transfer paper.

Like so many things we do as artists, we will try this method or that method and adapt the one that works best for us and the way we paint. Not that one way is right or another wrong.... it is just what method works best for each of us.

I did draw before I painted when I began my watercolor journey. Along the way my painting evolved into more of a freehand style painting without drawing first. I do still draw some for my students when I'm teaching. For the record!

I hope that helps answer your questions.
Happy Painting!

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