Monday, November 17, 2008

Palette Choices

QUESTION: Please tell me what type of watercolor palette you recommend. I've seen so many like Quiller, Richeson, John Pike??? and I'm confused as to which is the best buy for my money. Thank you kindly. Fran

SUSIE'S REPLY: I personally like a light weight plastic palette with flat wells. It's my choice because I like to work with dry paint vs. wet paint. I find that the slanted wells collect too much water under the paint. My favorite palettes are the 32 well Jones palette or the Richeson palette with 22 wells. Both have lids and an open mixing area without "speed bumps".
The Quiller palette has flat wells and would fit my needs if it had a few more wells. It is arranged to work with the color wheel color theory and is an excellent choice for working with a limited palette of colors.
If you work with moist or freshly squeezed paint you may prefer the slanted wells. The John Pike palette is one of the sturdiest palettes on the market.

When purchasing a palette I look for a palette made from durable plastic and watch out for weakened corners. I have found through the years that the quality of the Jones and Richeson palettes mentioned above are consistantly reliable.

I hope that helps! Happy Painting!

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