Thursday, January 26, 2012

Using Acrylics and Watercolor Together

QUESTION: Could I spray my watercolor background with an acrylic then paint on top with acrylic paints? Alicia
SUSIE'S REPLY: Thanks for writing!
Acrylics and watercolor are both water soluble and considered water based mediums. 
Once an acrylic dries it becomes a type of plastic and is no longer water soluble.
You can paint acrylics over a watercolor base or background without any problems. There is no need to spray the background first. However, you can not paint watercolor over an acrylic background without creating some issues. These issues may or may not be a problem. Usually watercolor, being vulnerable to moisture needs to be protected from exposure. A clear acrylic fixative would be recommended to protect watercolor over acrylics.
Having said that, I need to add that the more watered down the acrylic is the more acceptable it is to a watercolor glaze over it. On the other hand, if the acrylic under painting is thick and not porous it will be difficult for watercolor to stick to it.

There are several outstanding artists who do combine acrylics and watercolor very successfully.
Good luck in your adventures!

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