Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Different paper for better results

QUESTION: Hello, I am trying to do a somewhat abstract painting with watercolors. I am using 140 lb. canson watercolor paper. I am pre wetting areas and then applying the color so it will spread randomly. However, I don't even have that much water on the paper but It fuzzes up and starts falling apart. Would bumping up to 300 lb. watercolor paper help?  Colin

You might want to try another brand of paper.  Just because the weight of the paper is 140# does not mean they share the same equality.  Bumping up to 300# Canson will not guarantee a better outcome.
The sizing and cotton pulp is the same in the 140# and the 300# of Canson.
Try Arches 140# CP or Stephen Quiller 140# CP by Richeson
Both of theses papers will hold up when soaked in multiple applications.
I hope this helps!

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