Saturday, August 16, 2008

Signatures on Watercolor Paintings

Susie, how do you sign your paintings? Brush? What kind? pencil? . . . Jane

Hi Jane,
I have a couple of ways depending on what I'm signing.
For my better than average paintings I use a stylized signature - nothing like my regular handwriting. I use a synthetic brush (I think it's about a#2 or #3) that has a crooked point. It was brand new, used once or twice and got put up wet -- got crimped in my paint box and now it has a tiny 90 degree turn in it at the very tip. At first I tried to save it but could not get the crimp out. Tried it to sign my name teeny tiny on some Christmas cards and it worked! Been using it for about 15 years now....for nothing but signing my name. I'll be up a creek if I loose it or if it wears out.
For my demos I use a stylus and sign them with my cursive handwriting signature as if I were signing a check while the painting is wet. I guess I do use it the most since I do more demos than anything these days. I learned that trick from Zoltan Szabo.

On some things when I'm in a hurry or if I want the signature very clear and legible for printing etc. I will use a sharp watercolor pencil on dry paper and my or may not glaze water over it to seal it.
On my greeting cards I sometimes use archival gel pens in a metallic gold or copper or misty blue. But mostly just use the stylus ---its so easy and convenient and fool proof!

Thanks for asking!

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