Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gear for painting outside - en plein air

QUESTION: Where should I look to find kapablock foam board. Love the idea for painting outside! Thanks SR

(This question is referring to my suggestions for painting en plein air or outdoors on location. You can read more about the kapablock by visiting my website tips for
Outdoor painting gear page 2 .... And don't miss page 1 for more tips.)
Kapablock can be found at plastic suppliers such as Tap Plastics or Calsac Plastics in my area.
It can sometimes be found where ever they sell advertising supplies. It is also used for building the partitions between display booths. Some lumber supply store may carry it.
If you can't find kapablock look for the 1/2 in gator board. It might be easier to find.

Good luck! And enjoy painting outside!

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Anonymous said...

I so appreciate your generosity in sharing your many tips throughout these pages. I've nearly finished going through all of them in two days, and read almost all of them. I'm inspired to go paint and try some new things. You're wonderful! Thank you so much! ~JoAnn