Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Watercolor paper buckles & wrinkles....

Question: Susie, when I work wet-in-wet my paper buckles or wrinkles and I end up with big puddles of water. Even stretching doesn't help. What am I doing wrong? -- Nancy W

Susie's Reply:
Simply put - the problem is too much water Nancy. Even when your paper has been stretched there is still a limit as to how much water it can hold when you rewet it. If you are wetting it with a sponge or large brush to work wet-in-wet you might be using too much water in this step. Then when you add more water (mixed in your paintbrush when you add the paint) the paper doesn't have room for more water so it puddles. Wrinkles or buckles happen when the paper expands unequally. In other words, it expands more in the center where the water pools than on the outside edges. Try using a heavier paper and/or less water in your paint mixes.

I hope that helps!


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